How to play casino games for free

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Okay, first of all I want to make clear that there are two types of free casino games. The first one is the actual casinos that have no money involved, where you can just play all the games for free as pure entertainment but without a chance to actually win money. These are not the type of free casino games I’m going to cover in this article. This post is meant to give you some tips on how to take benefit of the casinos different promotions and actually play casinos gratis with the chance of winning real money.

The first thing we need to do is sign up to a few good casinos. Keep in mind that the more casino sites you sign up to, there more promotions you are going to be able to take part of. Also remember that a lot of casino sites use the same software on their websites, which essentially means that they are the same casino, but with slightly different designs. Make sure to sign up to at least three different casinos – this will enable you to take part of three times as many promotions than you would have gotten if you only signed up to one casino sites. You can find some really good online casino sites at which offers some of the best deals for casinos around the world.

When you sign up to your casinos sites, make absolutely sure that you click the little box that says that you would like to take part of their newsletters. I know that promotional emails can be really annoying if you get them all the time, but this is the absolute best way of finding out what the best offers the different sites have. A good idea can be to set up a new email account that you only use for the purpose of gambling. This way you don’t have to mix your personal email with the promotional letters from casinos. Casinos regularly send out emails offering free spins and bonuses, both of which are great ways to get free money from an online casino. Some casinos send out these emails several times a week, offering you a certain amount of free spins just to log in to your account. You can find out which casino sites are the most likely to send out promotional letters at Tragamonedas, which is an online central for casino gaming, offering really good deals with particual casinos.

Another thing you should always look for is casinos that offer you a sign up bonus. A sign up bonus essentially means that the casino will give you money just for creating an account at their website, ad I’ve seen some casinos at for example, offering new players as much as a whopping $10 for free, just for registering at their website!

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